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I’m trying to learn which way is better for specific situations, whether to confront someone or let it go…

I’m also learning how much it can suck to have bad co-workers.

Its so crazy. The name co-workers imply that we have to work together, corporate but not only that we should be encouraging each other, helping one another. Instead… I have myself checking the schedule begging the piece of paper to not have me scheduled with you.

I honestly don’t understand… why do you try and make the people around you miserable? 

Also, I don’t mean to talk shit or to judge… i know i suck too and i know that im not perfect. But I try… I try to make people laugh at work, to encourage each other and help us get through the day…

but you literally make me stay up at night so angry at the fact that i have to come in at work and work with you… 

But what gets me so bad is that you’re a Father to 2 kids, and for some reason I keep thinking you should know better, but from my experience you would have assumed that I wouldn’t have any expectations for Fathers.

So tomorrow.. idk if I should even mention to you, that I didnt appreciate your little convo with the manager about me and how she said that you lack good leadership by not confronting me first, or if I should just let it go and suck it up, do my job and just leave. 

PS. you’re an asshole.

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Let’s catch up over lunch.

So what if in 5 years we don’t talk anymore. Living in the moment is difficult because that future holds things that you don’t want to happen but it might. I hate seeing friends on facebook that I use to be really close with and now haven’t spoken to in forever. Are we going to be those people? Will we still talk? Will I know whats going on in your life because you told me? Or because I came to visit your profile to check?

I don’t know what will happen. I don’t even know where I’ll be in 5 years. But come on dude… can we not be the college friends that don’t talk anymore? 

Can we still be able to txt or call or message each other how we’re doing and how much we need to see each other face to face? CAUSE a lot of the time it feels like you wouldn’t mind never “catching up over lunch.” lol 

And I will always be that girl that loves to catch up over lunch. 
And since I’m that girl, couldn’t you just meet me half way? Forget about face to face. Message me. Talk to me. Show me you care……


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Dazzling artwork with flowers by Limzy

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95 miles.

So.. I can’t say that its not easy for me..
But I have this thing.. where I focus so much around the things that are right in front of me that i tend to “forget” those far away.. Which makes total sense.. but I’m not justifying it. Its not good when close friends and family are miles and miles away. And okay.. so 142 miles isn’t too far but when you place work and internships and friends and people who surround you all in a 4 mile radius, 142 miles seem like 10000000000000000 miles away.

I know I can be a bad friend… and I know my mind is everywhere. 

But sometimes it only focuses on the 95 miles that separate me and you. Sometimes I think about how far but so close those 95 miles are. And sometimes those 95 miles seem like 1000000000000000000000000 miles away. 

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