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I love you, Friend.

its been a rough couple of days.

But I can’t believe what you shared today. My heart aches and  can’t help but tear as I write this. I guess God really did give me a heart for people. Well you’re just not any person. You’re a friend. A friend I haven’t talked to in a while. A friend that I wasn’t being a good friend to.

So I’m sorry. And I will be that Friend, not that I promised. Cause my promises are useless. But the friend God calls me to be. 

God’s promise for you; Love. 


How can I let something so unhealthy come into my mind and my body and still let it be consumed as enjoyment?

How can I choose a path that will end up leaving me stranded when there is a path filled with love?

How can sin have so much power over me when I believe that Jesus has defeated the grave? 

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Do i just tell you everything thats been on my mind?

Or do I just wait for you to ask?

Not making a decision i guess is my decision?

i really wanna go camping

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i wish we could just talk about it.

But I also wish to hear the right things. 

maybe we aren’t talking cause you know I won’t want to hear what you have to say. 

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winter <3

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